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Shenzhen DCW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 with registered capital of 10 million yuan, is engaged in professional police video product development, manufacturing and selling.The main products are police law enforcement Audio and video recorder, 4G law enforcement recorder, 4G wireless picture transmission equipment, data collection stations, Recording flashlight, intelligent baton, etc .And it has a variety of law enforcement system solutions, such as wireless mapping application system, intelligent command and dispatch system, police vehicles to stop radar systems, etc .; DCW electronic researched and developed a variety of single police law enforcement audio and video recorders have been actually equipped to the domestic first-line law enforcement officers at home and abroad.

The company always adhere to the development of innovative  technology products, and put the quality and customer experience in the first place. The company has efficient research and development team, sales team and after-sale team which can provide customers professional  solutions about products problems, marketing programs and good after-sales service to meet the different needs of customers and create more value for customers.The company strives to be the leading  electronic technology enterprises through technical advantages, innovative product design, high-quality products and services to meet customers' needs. To create the industry's most powerful and first-class electronic technology enterprises.

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